3 ways your website is killing your brand

Your website is kind of a big deal.

In fact, it’s a pretty huge deal when it comes to attracting and converting visitors into paying customers.

You may be an expert in your industry or sell the highest-quality products, but if your website isn’t performing as it should, then you’re likely losing customers fast. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you aren’t receiving any negative feedback, that there aren’t any problems.

Here are three reasons why a bad website is killing your brand.

Reason 1: Visitors assume your product or service is low-quality

Say you’re choosing somewhere to eat. One place looks a bit rundown with overflowing bins outside, the other looks pristine with big windows and the smell of freshly cooked bread wafting out. Which are you most likely to choose?

I guarantee that you’d choose the latter simply because it looks more appealing. Even without seeing the menu or knowing anything about the price or customer service, you’d probably choose the second option.

Your website should be seen as your ‘shop front’ – where first impressions count from the moment the visitor lands on the homepage. Ask yourself – what perception are they getting about your brand?

Does your website look the same as everyone else’s? Are there typos or grammatical errors throughout the copy? Is your website design cheesy or unprofessional? Does it feel cheap and templatey?

First impressions count so find yourself a trusted friend or relative and ask them for honest feedback on your website. This is an important first step in improving website performance.

Reason 2:  Your visitors find the process irritating or confusing

Let’s stick to food references, how often have you gone to order a takeaway and then got frustrated because you can’t find the phone number or menu online?

If your website isn’t functioning properly, is hard to navigate or takes a long time to load, your customers will become frustrated and be less likely to continue on the buying journey.

Remember, doing business online should make things easier for the customer so be sure to conduct a regular audit of your site to asses page loading time, check for broken links and to make sure any forms are functioning correctly.

Create a positive user experience by ensuring that all of the pieces on your website are in order and working as they should.

Reason 3: Visitors don’t feel you are authentic

There is a direct correlation between trust and revenue. If you are seen to operate a trustworthy website, you will naturally achieve a greater conversion rate. Installing an SSL certificate and taking other appropriate security methods shows your visitors that their card details will be kept safe.

When it comes to shopping online, customers should be confident about the authenticity of the site they are transacting with. Some of the easiest indicators of a secure website are the green padlock in the address bar. This encourages visitors to shop confidently as well as having the added benefit of leading to better search engine rankings for you.

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