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7 WooCommerce Email Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

Are you running a WooCommerce store? Perhaps, you own an online eCommerce or Shopify store to sell products or services. If yes, I hope you will find helpful information to improve your WooCommerce store conversion rates. What can you do to improve your store’s conversion rate? It depends on the strategies used. Before we start […]

WooCommerce Critical Vulnerability


Why the WooCommerce Critical Vulnerability Shows the Value of Maintaining Your Website

A vulnerability with one of your themes or plugins is never ideal. Though, when the plugin in question is the number one e-commerce platform in the world, you could upgrade the feeling to “catastrophic”. WooCommerce is the plugin in question, and it had to be patched fast to fix a critical vulnerability affecting all users. […]

Google Analytics with Landing Pages


How to Use Google Analytics with Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages that work in marketing realms. It is a standalone page that serves a focused purpose. It follows up to all the promises you make in your content, and it is the next step where your visitor can become a customer. A landing page can be a click-through page, which leads […]


Most Popular WordPress Booking Plugins 2021

Gone are the days when people find out the contact number of a particular law consultant, restaurant, spa & salon, gym & sports, cinema, etc., to book their appointments with them. It is a time taking and manual process. Since the world has automated entirely and people prefer the automatic process, which does not require […]

wordpress menu plugin


How to Choose the Right WordPress Menu Plugin For You

Out of the box, WordPress offers a full feature set. This includes top-notch managers for posts and pages, media assets, and even menus. Though, the latter can’t do everything you’d want it to. Some features will be a part of your chosen theme. On the other hand, a WordPress menu plugin can help you implement […]

how to change wordpress fonts


How To Change Fonts in WordPress (Easily)

While WordPress doesn’t seem to offer much in changing your typography out of the box, how to change fonts in WordPress has become one of the most commonly asked questions among WordPress developers, especially beginners. Even though this may sound subjective, your site’s performance highly relies on how good your website looks and how readable […]