Biggest Differences Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

WordPress, the household name that powers most websites, is indeed the favorite among many. But did you know that there are two WordPress platforms? WordPress.org and WordPress.com are entirely two different platforms by two different organizations.  There aren’t many instances where a brand’s “.com” domain is separate from its “.org” domain. This is because a brand under every domain […]

wordpress themes


21 Awesome WordPress Themes You Should Check Out In 2021

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes in 2021? We have 21 for you! All these themes can help you take the best advantage of WordPress’s powerful capabilities and build great personal and professional websites. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It now powers over 40% of all websites. The […]

weebly vs wordpress website builder


Weebly vs WordPress: 2 Site Building Philosophies Compared

Picking your site’s platform is no small decision. It can have an impact on almost every site decision you’ll make in the future. Weebly vs WordPress is a common comparison, as they both have a wealth of features for building your site. Even so, they each have a unique outlook on how to build a […]

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How to Enter WordPress Maintenance Mode

Once your site goes live, there’s no time to sit back and sip a celebratory drink. There are many tasks begging to be on your ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list. To keep this list manageable, WordPress’ ‘maintenance mode’ is something you’ll use often. In short, your WordPress site can’t serve visitors while you’re working on it. As […]

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How to Make WordPress Clear Its Cache

The amount of data that moves around your site is staggering. ‘Caching’ is a way to save pages on a temporary basis to load a page faster in future. Even so, sometimes this data gets ‘stuck’ in an older state. As a result, you won’t see an up to date version. This can have consequences […]

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Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media in 2021

Social media usage has exploded with 4.20 billion people now using social platforms. Earlier, usage of social media was limited. It was all about sharing, getting likes, and connecting with others. But now, you can not even do your business without social media presence. The unique thing about social media is it lets you expand […]