wordpress security tips


10 Security Tips For An Impenetrable WordPress Site

Website security needs to be taken seriously. The landscape of potential threats is always changing as hackers innovate new methods and discover exploitable flaws in existing software. A WordPress site is no less vulnerable to attack than any other. Once you start adding up themes and plugins hackers have any number of avenues for assault. […]

web hosting


Web Hosting – Monthly vs Annual Subscription

Web hosting is an integral part of your online presence as it sets the base for your website. Hosting is the online space on which your website content is housed. In simple words, it is the storehouse of all your website data. The performance of your website depends largely on the quality of services rendered […]

accepting bitcoin


Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin

In the modern-day world, no one will be a stranger to the term, “cryptocurrency”. As the online market gains more value becoming increasingly popular, Bitcoin is becoming a household name. But, for those who are still unsure of the decentralised currency, take note of the businesses across the world who are already accepting Bitcoin as […]

learndash developer


Benefits of Becoming a Learndash Developer

LearnDash is a learning management system (LMS) used by companies, universities, training groups, and entrepreneurs around the world. It’s one of the best LMS options out there since it offers dynamic courses, easy monetization, and a superb documentation and support community. However, what does it offer to developers? If you’re a developer, this article is […]

wordpress cms


Why do startups prefer a CMS like WordPress?

Start-ups usually have big ideas but with a limited amount of cash. Generally speaking, most of the start-ups do understand how important their company’s online presence is, to develop their big idea into a profitable and successful venture. A website is a simple and lucrative place for them to explain their big idea, lay down […]

wordpress plugin escape room


WordPress plugins for user-friendly escape room websites

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the lifestyles people were well-adjusted to. The 9-5 corporate workers have to now work from home on their laptops, probably for longer than 5 pm. The workload has clearly increased as communication is not straightforward and face to face anymore. Meetings and work calls are scheduled for every message that […]