customer trust


How To Gain Customer Trust On Your WordPress Store

Getting customers to trust your online store is easier said than done. Even if your store carries the WordPress branding, there are many users out there who need more convincing before they hand over their details and part with their cash. Online consumers have become all too aware of the dangers associated with digital shopping […]

wordpress errors


7 Common WordPress Errors and How To Fix Them

According to statistics, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world with a market share of 60%. Not only that, WordPress powers 42.7% of websites (a total of 708 million sites) on the internet and 17% of top websites in the world. All these numbers do not mean that it is perfect. It […]

search engine visibility


5 Ways to Ensure Maximum Visibility in Google Search

Search engines exist to help people find what they need, be it a service, a nearby local shoe store, or their favorite coffee shop. The algorithm behind the search engine is not a set of random factors chosen by the developers. Rather, it’s based on customer trends and user experience, and it should reflect the […]

cloud storage


Guide to Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Service

Digital storage is an essential commodity for any organization. From crucial information to day-to-day files that prove eminent in a corporate environment requires a safekeeping on a digital substructure. Cloud storage services offer an impeccable solution to big as well as small organizations storing their important data and information safely. While there is no end […]

Interactive Content


Interactive Content Rocks – Here’s How to Get More of That for Your WordPress Website

The Internet audience’s expectations are on the rise, year after year. As creators and publishers, we all strive hard to produce the best content possible, attract new audiences, and create a loyal follower base. However, these efforts lead to another side-effect: the competition gets fiercer. To get noticed, your content needs to be not only […]

Gutenberg WordPress Editor


How Gutenberg Full-Site Editing Will Reshape the WordPress Landscape

WordPress has been growing at a rate so phenomenal, it’s almost crazy. From a blogging platform, it became a framework of choice for all kinds of websites. And with WooCommerce, it even permeated the eCommerce industry and took it by storm. And there’s still no stopping! With the newest features like Gutenberg and REST API, […]