wordpress cms


The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Content Management

There are dozens of reasons why WordPress is a top platform that’s been dominating the content management game for decades. Its simplicity of use, rich variety of features and easy scalability. These are among the main reasons why millions of websites have chosen to run their websites on WordPress. Facts and Figures WordPress powers more […]

Page Speed Optimization


7 Tips For Improving WordPress Performance and Speed

A sluggish website can adversely affect the user experience of your website, it even frustrates your users to exit your web pages. According to a study by Kissmetrics, 47% of the users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. And if this does not scare you, then according to another study, a one-second […]

Wordpress Installation VPS


A Complete Guide for WordPress Installation on a VPS

Having a website can certainly boost the visibility of your business on the internet. However, there’s a huge difference between setting up a WordPress website and managing one. Choosing the hosting plan can be quite confusing when you are starting out. However, it’s never too late to shift to the right hosting plan that suits […]

Keep Your WordPress Safe and Protected from Cyber Attacks


8 Pragmatic Tips to Keep Your WordPress Safe and Protected from Cyber Attacks

Nobody wants to be hacked and have their website or blog exploited. Cyber Attacks exploit the usage of malicious codes in order to modify computer logic, data, and code. A resulting cyber-attack may lead to data being compromised, ensuing cyber crimes such as information and identity theft. Hackers are always vying for a new victim. […]

Wordpress Themes


5 Things You Need To Consider Before Selecting A WordPress Theme

Once in your life, you must have thought of building a website that represents you as a person or your work. This might not have been such an important thought a decade ago but as we progress having an online presence is quite crucial. Whereas an individual you can meet this requirement through social media […]