Python vs Php


Which is better and Why – Python vs. PHP

The debate about PHP and Python is never-ending. This is because both languages are compelling and accessible programming languages. In this article, we’ll share with you when and where you should use either language. First, why should you learn a server-side programming language? Well backend development is one of the most sought after skills in […]

domain names


How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing the perfect domain name for your new website can be a challenge. Changing your site’s domain is a hassle, however, so you’ll want to choose something you’re confident in. The good news is that once you do have that perfect name in mind, registering it is simple. You have plenty of options when it […]

Wordpress Plugins


Do’s and Don’ts While Using a WordPress Plugin

Have you ever worked yourself out to a point where your body can’t take it anymore? Your energy depletes, and unless you recharge, your work is likely to get slow and weak. It is the same way our site systems respond. WordPress plugins, boost them to give a better performance with extended functionalities. They use […]

Wordpress Security


A Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress is considered to be one of the most widely used CMS in today’s digital landscape. Due to some common and overlooked factors, WordPress sites are often left vulnerable for attacks by hackers. WordPress Security is something that should never be compromised on. Bad security means risk of malware and hack-attacks that can become extremely […]

SEO for Wordpress


10 Ways to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Website

A lot of people don’t realize that establishing your branding in cyberspace is not just about creating a website and publishing content. Regardless of how attractive, convenient, accessible, and professional your website may be, it won’t matter if your website is not searchable to users. That’s right – publishing a website doesn’t mean that it […]