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How to Update WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins

Keeping a website up-to-date is one of the most important aspects of website maintenance. Here’s why: Better speed: Updated WordPress versions often contain features and enhancements that can improve website loading speed Enhanced functionality: An update usually adds more features and options that you can use to upgrade your website and its user experience Improved […]

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Mobile Parental Control Software – How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Firm

Mobile phones enable kids to stay in touch with their loved ones, play games, download videos, and access the internet. And this exposes them to some risks. For this reason, you should always watch your child when online. Luckily, you can easily install the software with different features and functionalities. But, not all mobile parental […]

Wordpress Website Security


Safeguarding your website: 15 Simple WordPress Security Tricks in 2020

If own a successful business with an online presence, chances are you have a WordPress website! You think that no power in this universe can bring your business down. Right? Wrong! No matter how much hard work and time you have given to your WordPress website (and even when you have done nothing wrong) there […]

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How to Boost Your Online Presence Using WordPress

Why do you need a website? You probably need it for your business, blog or portfolio. Now, how do you create one? If you’re a beginner, consider using WordPress to create your sites. This online tool makes it easier to customise websites based on your needs. What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system […]