5 ways to boost your WordPress website speed

Every second counts when it comes to page speed, especially when speed can directly affect the user experience of your customers and your search engine ranking. Slow page loading times are common for WordPress websites and it can take time to figure out where the problems lie. However, faster pages both rank and convert better […]


5 WordPress Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making

WordPress websites have become popular among businesses of all shapes and sizes as they’re easy to manage, flexible and highly-customisable. Despite being an open-source platform, even big brands feel secure when using WordPress. While there’s many advantages and benefits of using WordPress to grow your business, there’s also a few all-too common mistakes that can prevent you […]


Chrome Version 62 to Show Security Warnings on HTTP Pages

Has your WordPress website made the switch to HTTPS? If not, you may be in for a shock as Google begins phase two of its plan to mark all HTTP pages as ‘not secure’. This means that if you have any forms, login fields and other input sections on your website, your visitors will be […]


Speed up your WordPress website with spam comment cleansing

If you’re a WordPress website owner, it’s likely you’ve received annoying spam comments at least once. In fact, it is not uncommon for some sites to receive hundreds or even thousands of comments every week. As a website owner, it’s great to see a growth in incoming traffic, but the downside is that when your […]