Optimise your WordPress site for local SEO

Millions of customers use search engines every day to find the best local businesses and services in their area. If you’re primarily targeting a local audience, you can help increase your chances of being found by utilising local SEO tactics. The main difference between organic and local search is that local search has a geographical […]


How WordPress traffic and engagement are affecting your Google ranking

Much like other technological aspects of today’s society, the internet is changing and developing at a rapid pace. When it comes to the Google ranking of your website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques alone are no longer as crucial as they once were in ensuring a spot higher up the list. Google’s search engine algorithms […]


Launching a new website: handy SEO checklist

You’ve come up with an amazing business idea and you’ve got a snazzy new website waiting to be launched. But before you go live, take some time to review our handy SEO checklist to make sure you’re not missing out on any SEO considerations that could impact the success of your site. Here are 5 […]


How to improve the user experience of your WordPress site

When it comes to creating a profitable website, your primary focus should always be on the end user. From the moment a visitor hits your site to the moment they leave, the user experience should feel seamless, simple and pleasant. There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that feels slow, cluttered and difficult to navigate, […]