How to Implement Two-Factor Authentication on Your WordPress Website

The security of your WordPress website is becoming increasingly important as the digital age continues to mature. As security evolves in tandem with technological advancements, if you fail to keep up with the latest developments you’re leaving your site open to unnecessary risks. Two-factor authentication has been around since 2013 as a way to add […]


Does your business need a digital health check?

Your digital presence is now a mandatory success factor for any business, particularly your website. Just as your internal processes and procedures need a regular check up to ensure they achieve your business objectives and meet customers’ expectations, so does your website. Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself to establish whether your website […]


Essential HTML for editing your WordPress content

Having a basic understanding of HTML will make it easier to customise content on your WordPress website. Being able to make certain words bold or create a bullet point list can help organise large blocks of content, making it easier for your visitors to read. HTML is much like grammar. It’s a system which allows […]


Does my business need managed WordPress hosting?

Having a WordPress site that loads fast has a high level of security and can easily scale is something every business owner wants. Your website host can either help you meet these goals or put an end to achieving them. If your website isn’t performing as you’d expect it to, or you believe it’s not […]