3 areas of business you should consider outsourcing

Most of the time an organisation cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally, which is why outsourcing to a specialist external service provider is common practice. Once the task has been outsourced to the service provider, they will take responsibility of maintaining the processes and procedures to take complete ownership of that function. […]


10 tips to keep your WordPress ecommerce site secure

Running an ecommerce business can be stressful, without having to worry about keeping yourself and your customers’ sensitive data secure. So how do you protect your WordPress ecommerce site secure from hackers? Here are ten top tips to stay ahead of the curve and keep your reputation intact. 1. Choose a secure WordPress ecommerce platform Choosing […]


7 signs it’s time to redesign your WordPress website

Deciding to undergo a WordPress website redesign requires a great deal of commitment on your part. It can be expensive and time consuming to begin with, but it’s completely necessary for a positive customer experience. Sometime there’s only so much revising your current site that you can do. If your site is particularly outdated, slow […]


Why more businesses are turning to cloud storage

While cloud storage may sound like it’s something to do with the weather, it actually refers to saving data to an offsite storage system maintained by a third party. Instead of storing information to your own computer hard drive, you save it to a remote database which can be accessed via the Internet. We’re now […]