20 Best AI Writers for WordPress: Pros, Cons, and Best Value

What are the best AI writers for WordPress? If you’re thinking about writing a blog post for WordPress with AI, we put 20 AI writers to the test. This AI content writer comparison highlights which one is most accurate and has the best value.

While AI writers will never be able to completely replace human writers, they can save you time and help with writer’s block.

So whether you just need AI to hold your hand to help you write or if you just need a jumpstart for ideas, they can give you exactly that.

Here is a list of 20 different AI writing tools that are available today for WordPress, ranked by their quality and cost-efficiency.

Top Tier

1. Writesonic

There are many AI writing tools for digital marketers or bloggers. But, none is as accurate and easy to use as Writesonic. It provides concise and accurate content, with many options to choose from.

For instance, you can create blog posts, landing pages, emails, product descriptions, and more. But my favorite tool out of all is the analogy tool to create simplified comparisons.

Using machine learning and natural language processing, you can use this service to automate your copywriting needs. Regardless of the project, Writesonic is the perfect AI tool for generating human-level content.


  • Asks for a phone number to test the product out.
  • The free trial is not too generous, with just ten credits.
  • The analogy tool is clever at times – but not always.
  • Content rephrases almost exact duplicates with a lot of plagiarism.

Content Quality: 7.3/10

2. Jasper

Jasper enables users to create content in less time by providing automated suggestions for articles, blog posts, social media posts, article rewrites, etc. It offers 50+ content types in 25+ languages. Currently, it’s ranked as the #1 in terms of users for AI content writers in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. Jarvis AI is a top-tier AI writing tool. But the value for what you pay is not as much as in comparison to others.

Especially because it doesn’t have an unlimited option, you can really rack up the credits. Nevertheless, I found it has less plagiarism and was a solid tool that won’t let you down.


  • Repetitive nature of product descriptions: Would you like to learn ___? Then ____ is perfect for you!
  • Needs a credit card to register.
  • Boss mode is no super boss like Bowser. It’s a bit overhyped and just gives you some extra templates to break the mold.
  • Great for testing with a feature-rich free trial

Content Quality: 6.8/10

3. Copymatic

We found Copymatic as one of the top-tier AI writers. It hosts 50+ tools, including grammar checkers to sentence rewriters. This can help you generate everything from business email to blog posts, press releases, or even marketing copy.

Copymatic is optimized for conversion-focused copywriting to generate the most leads possible. It has a variety of tones of voice to change the style of content and capture the attention of the audience. When you want to write about something, but your mind is just not flowing, Copymatic can help you brainstorm ideas and give you suggestions of what to write about.


  • The free trial offers a not-so-generous ten credits to test out the product.
  • A good writer with 50+ tools such as grammar checkers.
  • Various tones of voice, but all results are similar to each other.

Content Quality: 6.2/10

4. ContentBot

Despite being a little less popular than the others on the list, I really like ContentBot as an AI writer. I found the content it generated unique and engaging. Even though it was nonsensical at times, I had to use quality control but still far superior.

Content Bot offers a suite of tools for creating a more persuasive copy with your marketing material and products. Plus, you get SEO insights to know which keywords bring in the most traffic. When it comes to content, AI has given new life to the world of writing with Content Bot.


  • Despite using tough keywords, the output was mostly on-topic.
  • Generates some nonsensical text that needs to be fact-checked.
  • Generous free trial. Resets 1st of the month to keep on testing it out.

Content Quality: 5.5/10

5. Copysmith

Copysmith is more geared towards collaboration and marketing teams for eCommerce. Also, it has a focus on ranking higher with more conversions. When I tested, there were features still in beta mode, so it needs to be revisited.

But overall, it can be hit-and-miss with the editor producing some nonsense text. “Ali’s expert voice.” It’s similar to the tone of voice. But you can mimic expertise in specific fields, which is completely unique to Copysmith.


  • “Ali’s expert voice” is a nice concept. However, it did not differentiate between expertise very much.
  • Generous free trial with 60+ languages supported.
  • AI Copywriter editor was in beta during testing, but the generated output was one of the best.
  • Template-rich in areas like eCommerce, advertising, and brainstorming.

Content Quality: 4.5/10

6. Outranking

Outranking is more of a Google ranking specialist. It helps you write, but more importantly, it helps you rank. This SEO and AI, content writing tool include keyword research and analysis as well as a complete set of tools that will help you create high-quality, SEO-optimized content for your business.

It also tracks all the SERP data to know what’s working and what’s not. With Outranking, you can find easy-to-use templates for blog posts, articles, and more – all based on keywords. The tools also assist you in building outlines with Google PAA (People Also Ask).


  • Outranking offers a free trial. But it’s one of the more costly AI writers because of its focus on SEO.
  • Although it’s a bit catered to SEO and SERP ranking, it’s a little less user-friendly.
  • Good for targeting “People Also Ask” in Google SERP results.

7. CopyAI

Whether you want to brainstorm ideas for marketing content or end writer’s block, CopyAI equips you with 90+ tools to get the job done. CopyAI is built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model, so the quality of output is generally solid.

The tool includes a variety of creative templates as well as a library full of ready-made content ideas to help get started. If you want to update existing content or create new pieces of content, CopyAI can generally keep your audience engaged with unique ideas.


  • Good beginning plan with ten free credits each month. No credit card is required to sign up.
  • Creates content not based on the keyword you enter in.
  • 90+ tools for content writing but not as specific to the topic you insert.

Content Quality: 4.1/10

Middle Tier

8. Article Forge

Article Forge is not only a high-quality article rewriter, but it’s also a specialist in SEO. If ranking in Google is what drives you to write, then Article Forge optimizes content to track higher through deep learning models.

Despite it being a gateway to get your articles ranked in Google, it also checks automated content through Copyscape for zero duplicate content. Overall, we found the writer to bring up topics slightly unrelated to the keyword that you enter.


  • Gets off-topic easily, bringing up topics slightly related or unrelated to the keyword that you enter.
  • Not as rich in options compared to other AI tools – just short, medium, and long results.
  • You can enter keywords to customize the output. But repetition in long text and a little more accurate.
  • Good for “What is” type of articles but not for “How-to” instructional articles.

9. AnyWord

One of the neatest features of the AnyWord AI writer is the predictive performance score. If you are unsure which copy message is best; it evaluates each one based on how engaging it is and how the audience will react to it.

The tool is pretty straightforward to use and produces a decent copy with a variety of content types. For example, it has options for listicles, intros, and conclusions without the tone variation in other applications.


  • 7-day free trial, but you will get cut off if you go over an unspecified amount of text.
  • There are not as many options for changing your tone.
  • It is a straightforward tool that produces decent text. But it’s not the best tool available.

10. PepperType

Like most AI content writers on this list, PepperType saves time and does the writing or brainstorming for you. One of its main advantages is the logical text it generates with a versatile range of writing types.

Although content can sometimes be less than exceptional at times, the navigation around content types can need difficult. Also, it doesn’t have a long-form editor, and you don’t get any integration with SEO either.


  • The pricing model only offers unlimited content with the Enterprise plan. However, unlimited content is available for monthly plans.
  • No integration with SEO, and it’s currently lacking a long-form editor.
  • Generated content is mostly free of plagiarism.

11. Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy is great for repurposing old blog posts into new ones. It’s like having your own personal writing assistant who can help you generate content without ever requiring you to sit in front of the keyboard.

Overall, it’s fairly easy to use. Although it does generate quite a bit of unrelated and off-topic content, it’s still usable. With this tool, you’ll be able to tell your story and expand on existing ideas in a dynamic way.


  • Refreshes five credits every day to generate more content. No credit card is required.
  • Creates some unrelated copy, off-topic.
  • It offers fewer content templates and languages than other products.

12. Rytr

Similar to the other AI writers on this list, Rytr is like having a writing assistant always in your pocket. It’s ready to help with any kind of content you need with a good variety of tones of voice (over 20!).

I wouldn’t call Rytr my go-to AI writer. But it still produced a decent copy from blog posts and everything in between; Rytr assists in everything from finding topics and writing style. Rytr can write at a level that you set, or it can be customized to sound like you.


  • A lot of different tones to use and produce moderate-quality content.
  • 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, and a plagiarism checker.
  • 20+ tones of voice, which is one of the highest for any AI writer.

13. Ink For All

One of the positive things about Ink for All (or simply INK) is the generosity of its free trial period. You get ten articles for free per month, which no other AI writer delivers as well as INK. This makes it a great tool for anyone just starting out with AI content writing.

The user interface is clean and easy to get right into. It’s moderately effective as a writer but can easily get off-topic or can be unreliable for content production. Overall, it is great for beginners to dive into easily and get results. But you may want to look elsewhere for something more powerful.


  • Generous free trial. A lot of different options for types of AI writing.
  • Does not always create the smartest output and is quick to get off-topic.
  • Unreliable on certain topics more than others.
  • Ten free articles per month is an excellent choice for anyone starting out with AI-assisted writing.

14. SmartWriter

If you’re looking to write customized automated emails through AI, then Smart Writer is the personalization tool you might be looking for. It boasts a high response rate through any outreach campaign and even cold emails.

But if you’re looking to generate blog posts, product descriptions, or any long-form editor, then you should look elsewhere. The platform is also a little unintuitive, with the output emails not always accurate and usable to send.


  • Kind of a one-trick pony that’s mostly ideal for personalized email generation and outreach.
  • No API is available for content writing.
  • Email output is not always accurate and needs quality control by human eyes.

15. Neural Text

Neural Text targets SEO users, which is not a bad thing if you want your articles to rank. But from the start, to get a SERP analysis, and can include related questions in your articles.

It gives a good variety of different writing tools like “call to action,” “before-after-bridge,” and “blog intros.” But it’s a little less polished and didn’t provide me with cues, such as if you haven’t added sufficient text to run the tool.


  • Geared towards SEO, which is not a bad thing. It gives you SERP analysis from the start.
  • Good for related questions and to be featured in SERP results.
  • A little less intuitive to switch from different writing tools – “call to actions,” “before-after-bridge,” “blog intros,” etc.
  • There are no cues if you haven’t added sufficient text to run the tool. Not as highly polished as the rest.

Bottom Tier

16. Headlime

Headlime is one of the newer AI writers with a focus on time-saving and creating quality content. Although the product is evolving, one of its neatest features is the templates for generating documents like privacy policies and so on.

But its bread and butter are mostly finding what you can say and combating writer’s block. It’s fairly intuitive and rich in features such as landing pages, blog posts, and advertising headlines.


  • Ambitious for templates (1700+ pre-made templates) but still lacks a bit in producing effective copy.
  • As the name of the product indicates, it’s a great way to product titles, subtitles, and headlines.
  • Team collaboration options are available.
  1. AI Writer

This product should really be called the “AI rewriter” because it really just spins an article that already exists. To prove this point, any article that it generates lists all the sources from where the information came from.

Even though it’s positive to know all the reference sources, there were a lot of similarities to the original text. Another downside is how AI Writer lacks options to change the tone of voice or select a variety of content types.


  • More like a content rewriter as it lists the sources for the generated content.
  • If you cross-check the generated text against the sources, the content is quite similar to the original.
  • Writes one huge block of text without any option to change the tone of voice.
  • It has the most logical text, but it feels as if it’s close to plagiarizing.

18. GoCopy

GoCopy is one of the more basic AI writers on the market now. You get options to do everything, like write ads, summarize text, and work with a variety of content templates.

Overall, we found the user interface to be very minimalistic. This isn’t a bad thing if you like simple design, but it was a bit too much. Unfortunately, we also found the copy generated from this tool was not of the highest quality either.


  • Too basic and minimalist without as many content templates as other AI writers.
  • Not that good for writing with non-relevant content.
  • Good for beginners who are just starting out in AI writing.
  • You can test for free without a credit card. But the free trial is just 7500 words.

19. WordAI

Word AI is more of a text rewriter tool, where you feed it information, and it spins a new article out. But the quality of the output is generally poor or has very few modifications to the text.

Although it uses AI with LSI keywords and has a high price tag for this product, we cannot recommend using it. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the output text with a more advanced time of voice or in any way to make it higher quality.


  • This is more of a text rewriter, which does not create fresh articles.
  • Output quality was poor, with similar text to the original input.
  • The product has a high price tag compared to the quality of output generated.

20. Articoolo

Articoolo is not a serious content writer in this list, but it’s considered for the completeness of this article. You should completely avoid this AI writer as it mostly turns words into synonyms.

Articoolo produces content that is very broad and filled with keywords. The quality of the text is low quality and is not worth the cost of using the product. Plus, it’s filled with grammar and spelling mistakes, even producing illegible results.


  • This one you can completely avoid as it is mostly an article spinner that uses synonyms.
  • Low-quality output and is not as feature-rich as other products.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes in the output.

20 Best AI Writers for WordPress: Comparison List and Best Value

Creating a top-notch blog post requires time and effort. The use of AI-generated content is a great tool for anyone who wants fresh, unique content for any writing project.

From best to worst, this blog lists 20 of the best AI writers for WordPress on the market, putting each one in separate tiers. Each one can increase the quality of content by using algorithms to generate readable, engaging, and well-formatted text.

If you are looking for tools to help you write anything from blog posts to advertising copy, these are our recommendations for anything and everything related to content writing.

Looking to improve your marketing efforts? Try out these digital marketing certificate courses and learn the latest trends and skills in the industry.

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